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Founded in 1977, Sussman & Associates is a boutique law firm comprised of licensed Nevada & California attorneys, paralegals, real estate agents, and brokers with offices in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, and Palm Springs. Our Firm specializes in real estate and business litigation, property disputes, construction disputes, title matters, contracts, bankruptcy, business formation, timeshare litigation and student loan adjustment. 

Our team possess specialized knowledge in these areas of the law. Whether it's litigation, arbitration, mediation, or simple client counseling you can be sure that we will zealously advocate for our client's interests.


At Sussman & Associates, our consumer advocacy department has negotiated over 20,000 timeshare releases on behalf of our clients as well as mortgage and student loan forgiveness.

Reasonable and thoughtful resolution of your real estate and business disputes is our goal. Try our services risk free today with a free phone consultation with one of our legal associates.

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I must express my gratitude for the expert handling of the timeshare exit case by the attorneys at Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates and Timeshare Legal Action. Once they took over the case and I was instantly relieved. The clear and upfront communication and vigorous defense of my rights as a consumer were amazing. Night and day when compared to my past dealings with resale listing companies.

I want to thank you for all your work getting my timeshare : The Grandview at Las Vegas by Vacation Village CLOSED!!

It was a very long process… I lost my husband last March 16, 2022 & it is very lonely without him… he was an awesome man… we were married for 32 years…  we were both retired when we met and we constantly traveled mostly using our timeshares… loved to go to Palm Springs at Christmas with our two Westies. I worked for TWA for 36 years when we met & Tom was a Detective Sargent in Bedford NY.

After he passed away My life as I knew it went away…& I had to deal with getting rid of the time share and what a headache that was. I couldn’t function.

I don’t know why I am telling you all of this… you don’t know me. I live in Prescott Valley, Az. and I am 86.

Anyway, thank you again for your help and please thank your husband for his help also.


I'm VERY thankful to have these smart lawyers on my side. Newport Beach Real Estate Attorneys have rockstar attorneys -- their experience and knowledge of HOA policy and all types of real estate law is impressive. I was walked through every step of the process and given clearly defined options to choose from. I never had to figure out what was going on or happening with my case because they are deligent and responsive and followed up with us promptly. Not feeling defenseless or confused was reassuring and I knew I were in good hands.


It's rare that I give my recommendations to others, but in this case, I feel it is warranted and I am glad to give it, you guys did exactly what you said you would do and I am very pleased and satisfied with your services. Thank you, we feel like a huge weight has lifted off of our shoulders. We thought a vacation timeshare would be great. Well, for more than one reason, it wasn't. But we didn't know what to do. My husband found and contacted Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates and from the beginning they were knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was explained to us and we were told to leave everything in their hands. The letters and calls stopped and everything went quiet. They said it could take up to 1 year but it wasn't that long. And we received our notice of release. Thank you again to all your staff. We will recommend you to our friends and anyone that needs help.


For my very first time hiring an attorney, I was anxious about many things. However, Attorney  Mitchell Sussman and Jeff Murphy alleviated all my concerns with their professionalism, knowledge, legal experience, confidence, client care and above all, Results. I'm extremely satisfied and grateful.






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