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Sussman & Associates has vast experience and success in litigating and arbitrating various construction disputes. This division of the firm is lead by Attorney Harvey Stern who is both an advocate and construction business owner. Harvey has experience navigating construction issues as an advocate, a contractor, and a homeowner.  Whether you need legal advice or action, we are here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



Contractor's affidavit, progress payment affidavit, subcontractor affidavit, and others

Contractor Warranties

Express, implied, under the UCC, product liability, and new home warranties

Labor Relations

Collective bargaining, contract administration, picketing, strikes, and secondary pressure

Owner Warranties

Accuracy and suitability, materials and equipment, financial responsibility, and defenses


Creating or being relieved of bids on construction projects

Copyright Drawings

Two-dimensional architectural plans and three-dimension architectural models are protected by copyright


License your construction company or workers

Payment Types

Progress payments, payment and contract divisibility, basis of payment, and others

Contract Formation

 Ensure your construction project is backed by a contract that accounts for various possibilities

Injury Liability

Architecture's, owner's, contractor's, and supervisor's liability for injury


What is lienable, who may assert a lien, the prerequisites, effects, enforcement, and more

Subcontractor Management

Terminating subcontractors by agreement

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