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Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Timeshare Exit Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Timeshare Exit Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman.

“Timeshare developers are bullies,” says Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman who has been advocating for 20 years on behalf of timeshare owners who want out.” The latest ruling by a Nevada Federal Judge is just one example that they can’t bully everybody.

After one timeshare developer accused Sussman of Lanham Act violations for falsely advertising his exit services on his website, the Hon. Jennifer A. Dorsey sitting in a Nevada Federal Court ruled--

the accusations to be without merit finding that statements on his website about timeshare cancelation were “literally true.”

“Timeshare developers have been bullying people into signing contracts they don’t want and can’t afford for years.” Sussman claims that these tactics are just another example of the economic divide that exists in our country with mammoth corporations taking advantage of the little guy. “Luckily the courts are beginning to see what the developers are trying to do.”

In addition to favorable Court rulings which reveal the lengths to which the timeshare developer will go, depositions of former timeshare owners paint a picture of lies and deceit which in many cases consists of, as one California court has found timeshare salespersons will “tell them F***ing anything” in order to get a deal.

“They tell you can travel the world. You can be anywhere, anytime you want, at fancy hotels and all,” said Louis Ranoya in his deposition. “And that’s just not true. That doesn’t happen at all.” When asked why he wanted to get out of his timeshare he said: “There is almost no availability at all. …all the years I paid, it’s just thrown out …money.”

According to the dozen or so depositions reviewed, the plights of the timeshare owners are familiar. When asked how this could be, Sussman said: “Once they converted to a point system, there is essentially no limit on how many points they can sell.” He further explained, that “if you have a hundred room hotel with only fifty weeks available, then in theory they could sell to 500 members. But in reality they sell to thousands upon thousands, making availability a real problem.”

“Somebody has to stand up for the little guy,” Attorney Sussman says. And so, he fights on.

The above article was reprinted from APNews


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