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How to Write a Construction Contract

Making a construction contract is very important for people that are planning to construct any kind of building, be it a home or commercial structure. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when it comes to construction contracts and some of these are associated with the clauses that are mentioned in the contract.

The clauses that are a part of the contract follows the original plan of the construction however there are times when there could be modifications to the plan, and it’s for such reasons that you require a professional lawyer to take care of all such legalities.

It is common for construction plans to change once the actual work has begun, and there should be a clause in the construction contract allowing for such changes. Sometimes this happens due to the fact that the original materials chosen for the construction are unavailable, at other times they exceed the cost that was originally out lined in the budget of the builder. It’s things like these that need to be taken into consideration when developing a construction contract.

At times such as these Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates offer the perfect solution to all requirements that people have regarding, adding specific clauses into the construction contract to ensure that such problems do not occur.

The clauses that are made ensure that the builder can at a later date make additions to the original contract regarding the things such as changes in construction personnel, changes in the plan or modifications to the original plan, materials used and so on and so forth.

It is impossible to tell beforehand about the changes that would be required; however a well written construction contract ensures that the builder will have the options available to them to make the necessary changes.

Jobs like this and more are done by Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates for the benefit of builders and others who are professionally associated with the real estate business. When a change order is prepared by the builder of the real estate it is required that everyone necessary must approve and sign on that change order.

While the legal language on various contracts can change from contract to contract, there are certain specifications that remain the same. This allows the client the power to change or modify the contract during construction, as well as legally compelling the contractor to carry out such specifications as stated by the client.


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