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Timeshare Cancellation Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman, sues Playa Grande Resort

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Timeshare Cancellation Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman, sues Playa Grande Resort

Attorney Mitchell Reed Sussman has disrupted the Time Share Industry to such a degree that Time Share developers around the world consider him public enemy number 1.

"Ten years ago, when I began helping Time Share owners rid themselves of lifetime maintenance fees and other ridiculous obligations, a lawyer-friend of mine asked if I wasn't afraid of waking up one morning to find a bomb in my car," Sussman said.

Over the years, Sussman has obtained thousands of releases for Time Share owners nation-wide, in many cases, by successfully suing the Time Share corporations for unlawful practices and unenforceable, onerous contracts. He has upended a trillion-dollar industry known for high-pressure sales tactics and fine print contracts seeking to absolve the timeshare for any "untruthful statements" made by a salesperson during the timeshare 'presentation'.

Recently, one timeshare decided to fight dirty when the Playa Grande Resort, in an effort to keep their owner in the fold, sent a defamatory letter to William and Ursula White, clients of Sussman who had previously purchased a timeshare membership from Playa Grande.

The letter contained false and outrageous accusations.

"Anyone can look it up and see that I have been a member of the California bar in good standing for over 42 years am beloved by my clients and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau," Sussman said regarding what he describes as a coward's approach to his efforts to free his clients from unwanted timeshares.

The case filed by the law office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates by lead attorney Leslie Benjamin is Sussman v. Playa Grande, Superior Court of California, County of Riverside Superior Court, case no. PSC 1903477

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of one million dollars along with an injunction.

About Attorney Sussman

Mitchell Reed Sussman has been practicing Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law for over 40 years.

The above article was reprinted from PRNewswire


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