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Huntington Beach Timeshare Restrictions

Due to the high traffic, noise, lowering property value, and other issues arising from the temporary nature of timeshares, cities often enact ordinances regulating the development and use of Timeshares within city limits. These can range from restrictions on the size and location of properties operated as Timeshares to outright bans on Timeshares altogether.

Huntington Beach Timeshare Restrictions
Huntington Beach Timeshare Restrictions

The position a city takes depends on the priorities of each city in balancing being desirable to long term residence against the additional revenue generated by tourism.

In Huntington Beach, the city has restricted Timeshares under the cities Land Use Controls in Municipal Code §211.04. Huntington Beach classifies Timeshares as Commercial Use and is permitted only in General Commercial Districts (CG Districts).

Timeshares are not permitted in Office Commercial Districts (CO Districts) or Visitor Commercial Districts (CV Districts).

Where they are permitted, Timeshares require a Conditional User Permit approved by the Planning Commission. 

Even where a Timeshare is permitted, there are additional restrictions.

A Timeshare is only permitted to be on a major arterial street (a roadway designed for high traffic capacity) and outdoor recreational facilities have to be provided.

Timeshares are also restricted by location, specifically requiring residential and office uses to be landward of Pacific Coast Highway.


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