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Beware of Timeshare Release Scammers

"The scams are becoming more and more sophisticated, with 'timeshare resale companies' asking for money," says Sussman. "But remember, if you are selling anything, there's absolutely no reason for you to pay a dime." Sussman, a timeshare cancellation attorney for over ten years, is receiving more emails and calls than ever from worried timeshare owners hoping to sell their timeshares.

"Beware of any company that asks you for money to sell your timeshare. You're the seller. You're supposed to receive the money."

Sussman has been an advocate for timeshare owners who have been duped by a billion-dollar industry that often does nothing more than 'presell a lifetime of vacations at inflated prices.'

"They wrap up the presentation pitch with a big bow to make it look like they're selling real estate. But if it's real estate, then why is almost impossible for a layperson to resell?"

"If these timeshares have value, why can't my clients get rid of them without engaging in the same type of fraud that the developer had to use in the first instance to sell them?" he asks.

And now, according to Sussman, timeshare owners who are unable to use their timeshares either due to age or illness are being taken advantage of by 'resale agents' who ask for upfront money from the seller.

"I'm receiving more and more emails from people across the country complaining that they're being told they have to pay money to a company or a broker in order to sell their timeshare. I tell them that's a sure sign it's a scam."

As with all purchases, the standard Latin warning, Caveat Emptor or Let the Buyer Beware, applies. Now, however, it appears Sussman is warning sellers to beware. "If you're selling, you don't pay. Period."

The above article was reprinted from PR Newswire


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